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A Little Green around the Gills?

Welcome to Upper Crust Crochet School! Brand new to crochet? Welcome to a wonderful world of crafting and therapy!! Yes! It truly can be therapeutic once you can relax and just enjoy. Now, I will admit that at first it can be frustrating to get used to holding the hook and yarn and just generally getting comfortable. But, don't give up!   

Let's Get Started!

TWO WAYS TO LEARN. Feel free to do ONE or BOTH. 

1.  Learn on your own using the videos.

2.  Schedule time with me for your face-to-face personal instruction.


Either way you choose, I'm here for you! Feel free to message me 24/7 to schedule your instruction time or just for any questions you may have and I will get back with you as soon as possible. Usually within a few hours, always within 24 hours.

Beginning Project

A few things you'll need to have:

A Crochet Hook

There are many different crochet hooks to choose from ranging in sizes, colors, and brands.  We are going to start with a size J.  This is a larger hook and will make it easier for you to manipulate the yarn while getting started. 

Also, if you go to your local super store you will tend to find a J hook in a 3-pack with the H and I hooks.  These are both common as well, the 3-pack is a good starter pack and not very expensive at all.

Yarn or Fiber

There are an infinite number of different types of yarn (or fiber) that you can use to create projects. The type of project you choose to work on is going to determine the kind and size of yarn or fiber you will want to use.  We are going to start with very basic stitches just to get you used to using the hook and yarn.

Once you move to the Beginner Level we will start with a small project in which you will want cotton yarn/fiber.

My recommendations are pictured.  The Peaches & Creme or Sugar'n Cream can be found usually at the local superstore and are very inexpensive. For a little bit more you can get a nicer cotton that works great. My favorite is the Knit Picks Dishie! Just click on the pics and it will take you to a link where you can purchase those. I included a link for the Sugar'n Cream just in case you don't have a superstore close.

Darning Needle

This is the set I have. Any darning needle set will do. I do recommend getting a set, because there will be times that you need a different size. Some are plastic, some are metal.

Needle Threader

These little babies are amazing when it comes to getting your fiber through the eye of a darning needle and can usually be found at your local super center.

Items Needed:
One size J Hook
One Ball of fiber 
Darning needle

Once you have your materials, click Join  button below to begin! Then add Crochet School to your cart and purchase. 

Learn on your own: Click JOIN to purchase then come back to learn. 
Face-to-Face instruction: Click JOIN to purchase then message me and we will set up a time. 
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